Do you prefer a wired or wireless mouse and why?

When I was using a desktop computer before, I liked to use a wired mouse. But when I started using a laptop for a long time, I found that I was not used to using a wired mouse. On the one hand, the wired mouse is relatively large, and it is not very convenient to operate the wired mouse. So I like to use a wireless mouse!

Wired mouse:


1. Wired connections are usually more stable and have lower latency.

2. Wired mice are usually cheaper than wireless mice.

3. Wired mice do not require batteries or charging, so they are more convenient to use.

4. Wired mice may have better signal reception in some cases.


1. Wired mice require dragging cables, which may affect the neatness of the desktop. And using a wired mouse will be more tangled, making the desktop look even more messy!

2. The range of movement of a wired mouse is relatively small, especially for users with large hands.

3. If the cable is damaged or lost, the replacement cost is high.

Wireless mouse:


1. Wireless mouse has no wires, making it more portable and flexible to use.

2. For users who need to move the mouse frequently (such as gamers), wireless mouse can reduce interference from wires.

3. Wireless mouse battery life is usually longer and does not require frequent battery replacement. You can also use a rechargeable mouse!


1. Wireless mice may be subject to signal interference, resulting in unstable connections or high latency. (Sometimes the mouse may be delayed or sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I found this problem when using Windows 11!)

2. Wireless mice are usually more expensive than wired mice.

3. Batteries need to be replaced regularly, and may need to be charged when the battery is exhausted. (Of course, there are also rechargeable mice that can be charged directly!)

At present, wireless mouse is more popular in the market. It is easy to operate and use. The mouse currently in use is AULA's SC560. This mouse has high appearance, lightweight design, and is portable. It has three connection modes: wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth can connect to laptops/tablets/mobile phones, and the connection is quick.

Do you prefer a wired or wireless mouse and why?(图1)

AULA adopts a new lightweight structure design. After months of research and development, the mouse is lighter and has a better experience. The ergonomic design makes the grip more comfortable, and the six-speed DPI is "freely adjustable", which is handy for daily office work and passionate games. With a 300mAh large-capacity battery and AULA's self-developed intelligent power management technology, the mouse is lightweight and the battery life is longer, and there is no need to worry about running out of power.


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