Why did you choose a membrane keyboard over a mechanical one?

Why Choose a Membrane Keyboard Over a Mechanical One? Exploring the Benefits

I believe you all know that the classification of keyboards is currently divided into two categories: "mechanical keyboard" and "membrane keyboard". Then let's talk about the difference between "mechanical keyboard" and "membrane keyboard".

Why did you choose a membrane keyboard over a mechanical one?(图1)

First of all, the structure under the keycap is different. There is only a simple spring under the keycap of the "membrane keyboard", and then there is a unified output line, while each key of the "mechanical keyboard" is an independent touch point.

Membrane keyboard: The advantages of membrane keyboards are low price, strong adaptability, strong waterproofness, no wear and quiet. Relatively low price, easy to oil, not resistant to dirt. Simple structure, low cost, short life. When pressing the key, the rebound is weak and soft, the contact separation is not sensitive, and it will respond slowly after a long time. It is very meaty and basically silent. The function is relatively simple, just a simple input device. But it is small in size, light in structure, strong in sealing, and beautiful in appearance.

The advantages of mechanical keyboards are high service life, full key without impact, comfortable feel, and the axis can be selected according to different environments. The disadvantage is that the price of mechanical keyboards is high, and the waterproofness can be said to be almost non-existent. The life of a mechanical keyboard is generally at least 20 million times, far exceeding that of a membrane keyboard. And according to the different operation types of its axis, it is divided into many types. Among them, the blue axis is used as the representative axis for typing, and the black axis is used as the representative axis for games.

Generally speaking, users who use it at home and in the office can use an ordinary membrane keyboard. If the requirements for the keyboard are not particularly high, you can also choose an affordable membrane keyboard as a right-hand man.

If you are an e-sports player or have high requirements for the feel of the keyboard, it is appropriate to choose a mechanical keyboard. When choosing a mechanical keyboard, it is best to try the feel of different axes first, and choose the one that suits you best before placing an order. This can avoid unnecessary troubles and experience the characteristics of different axes.

In fact, there is no good standard for keyboards that suits everyone. The one that suits you is the best. If you feel that the membrane keyboard feels better and is more suitable for you, there is no need to pursue a mechanical keyboard. Finally, we also remind all players not to blindly pursue brands and high-priced keyboards. Rational selection of keyboards is the right way.


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