Those who know about keyboards, please tell me, what are the advantages of mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical Keyboards: Experts Reveal Their Key Advantages

I believe that most users who want to buy mechanical keyboards are attracted by the rich and excellent feel of mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have rich feel and various types of shafts, which give users more room to choose.

Take the four mainstream shafts as an example. The black shaft has a greater trigger pressure, and it takes more force to press it. The feel is straight up and down. When pressing the key, you can feel the greater rebound force from the spring, and the feel is heavier; the red shaft feels the same, but it is lighter in feel. Replace the spring inside the black shaft with the spring of the red shaft. The feel is basically the same as the red shaft. It can also be said that the red shaft is a lightweight version of the black shaft.

Those who know about keyboards, please tell me, what are the advantages of mechanical keyboards?(图1)

Advantages of mechanical keyboards:

Good feel: white shaft, black shaft, blue shaft, tea shaft, red shaft, different mechanical keyboard shafts have different feel. Users can choose the feel they need, use black shaft to play games, blue shaft to type, and new users of mechanical keyboards can buy a tea shaft to get started. After trying it, you will know that you may never want to use a normal keyboard again.

Long life and very stable: Each key of a mechanical keyboard is composed of a spring and a metal contact. The life of a single key can generally reach 30 million times, and the black axis can reach 50 million times. Because of the long life, the mechanical keyboard feels stable for long-term use.

Nice sound: For those who are tired of the dull sound of ordinary keyboards, buying a mechanical keyboard and listening to the refreshing click sound is a kind of enjoyment. ——But some people think it is too noisy.

Strong playability: The various parts of the mechanical keyboard are relatively independent. Entry-level users can replace the keycaps, materials and colors by themselves; advanced users can DIY a mixed-axis keyboard, or replace the spring in the axis to transform the axis. Changing the axis of a mechanical keyboard is indeed a great pleasure for advanced users.

Easy to achieve no conflict: Also because the various parts of the mechanical keyboard are relatively independent, it is better to achieve no conflict than a membrane keyboard.

At the same time, the various parts of the mechanical keyboard are relatively independent, which provides extremely convenient conditions for players to DIY modification. As long as the players are willing to do it, it is possible to make your keyboard unique. Beginners can replace the keycaps of mechanical keyboards, while players with strong hands-on skills can replace the key axis to create a mixed axis keyboard, or modify the axis itself by replacing the spring inside the key axis.

However, when purchasing a mechanical keyboard, you should still give priority to the feel of the axis and keycaps, and don't blindly pursue expensive ones. After all, the feel of long-term use is still very important, and the one that suits you is the best.


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