What is the most fundamental difference between black switches, green switches, red switches and brown switches of mechanical keyboards? Why do they feel different?

Decoding Mechanical Keyboards: Understanding the Differences Between Black, Green, Red, and Brown Switches

Nowadays, mechanical keyboards are widely loved by everyone. They not only have a stylish appearance, but more importantly, their shaft parts will directly affect the user’s typing or gaming experience. There are currently four different types of switches on the market: black switch, green switch, brown switch and red switch. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and users can choose the mechanical keyboard that suits them according to their needs.

Black axis:

The black switches have no sense of segmentation, high pressure grams, sensitive triggering, and completely silent, giving people a straight up and down feel. Due to the short key travel and fast triggering, they are more suitable for competitive games. Although the black switch can also be used for typing, due to the high pressure required, the fingers may become tired after a long time. Due to the "hard feel" of the black axis, it is not the most popular choice in the gaming industry. For professional players, in some games that require a lot of repeated operations, they prefer the red axis with low pressure, which puts less pressure on the hands. In competitive games like LOL, many players use black axes in pursuit of faster operations and faster kills.

Tea axis:

Brown shafts have always been hailed as "universal shafts" or "universal shafts" by people in the peripherals circle, and are favored by many players. The characteristic is that it has a sense of segmentation, but it is not as soft as the red switch, nor as noisy as the green switch, which allows people to have a more comfortable and long-term typing or gaming experience.

Red axis:

The red axis can be regarded as a lightweight black axis. It is straight up and down like the black axis, and is a linear axis, but the pressure in grams is smaller than that of the black axis. The red switch feels light, has no pause, and is softer and softer in rebound. It feels like squeezing cotton. It has a continuous typing feel, a light pressing feel, and is completely silent. It is suitable for gaming and office work.

Green axis:

The green switch is a typical paragraph switch, and it is also the switch with the most characteristics of a mechanical keyboard. It is also the most obvious difference from a membrane keyboard. It is highly recommended for newbies who are just getting into mechanical keyboards. In addition, the "crackling" sound of the green switch when typing may produce a certain degree of noise, so you need to pay attention to the surrounding environment when using it.

Feel difference:

What is the most fundamental difference between black switches, green switches, red switches and brown switches of mechanical keyboards? Why do they feel different?(图1)

Black axis (Linear Action): The sense of paragraph is the least obvious and the sound is the smallest. It is in sharp contrast with the green axis. It goes straight up and down and can be triggered by pressing down 1.5mm. Some people liken it to Cherry's summer. Whether you want rapid or soothing input, the black switch can handle it easily and is suitable for typing games. However, due to the short trigger key travel and large pressure grams, it is better in games. Performance.

Red switch: similar to the black switch. However, the number of grams of pressure is smaller than that of the black axis, starting at 35 and ending at 60 (the starting point of the black axis is 40). It is a new shaft produced by the famous manufacturer CHERRY in 2008. It feels relatively light. There is no sense of step when tapping, it is straight up and down, and the trigger key travel is also 2.0mm. It is easier to tap and can well meet the needs of gaming and typing.

Brown switch (Alternate Action or Ergonamic): Compared with the green switch, the sense of paragraphing is much weaker. Compared with the black switch, it does not feel straight up and down. It can be triggered at 2mm. It is a relatively luxurious mechanical switch. Some people liken it to the autumn of Cherry. It combines the characteristics of green and black shafts, which is easily accepted by the public. The color of brown shaft is closer to the color of autumn harvest.

Green axis (Keyclick): has the strongest sense of paragraphs, loudest click sound, and strongest mechanical sense. It is the representative axis of mechanical keyboard. It needs to be pressed down 2.0mm to trigger. It has a full sense of rhythm for typing, but the sound is louder and noisier. Some people liken it to the spring of Cherry, and the refreshing and crisp passages feel as comfortable as spring.


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