What are the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards?

Both have their own advantages. The differences between membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards?(图1)

1. On the percussion sound:

Compared with ordinary membrane keyboards, the loud knocking sound of mechanical keyboards is a major disadvantage, but there are also good silent mechanical keyboards, which are more expensive. Generally speaking, the knocking sound of ordinary membrane keyboards is very small.

2. In terms of feel:

The keycaps of mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards are wrapped with a spring through a T-shaped keycap. When you press down, the spring contracts, and the bottom of the T touches the membrane contact/metal contact to close the switch. The difference is that the membrane keyboard is just a simple spring, the pressure is proportional to the distance, and the membrane contacts below have a shorter life.

The mechanical keyboard has a special design that makes keystrokes have non-proportional pressure changes and a sense of paragraphing, so the fingers get more feedback information, the rebound and resistance of the keys are very comfortable, and typing feels better. And after using it for a period of time, this effect does not change much, which is difficult to achieve with ordinary keyboards.

3. In terms of price:

The keyboard shaft of a mechanical keyboard is critical to the performance of the keyboard. It is not surprising that a good brand mechanical keyboard costs thousands, while ordinary keyboards cost tens of dollars.

4. On the issue of key conflict:

Due to the different structures under the keycaps, a good mechanical keyboard can even achieve full-key conflict-free, which is most obvious when playing games.

How expensive is a mechanical keyboard?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards?(图2)

First, the biggest difference between a mechanical keyboard and an ordinary keyboard with a membrane structure is that each key has an independent Switch, which is the core of the mechanical keyboard - the axis, and is also the core that affects the feel.

Second, the type of shaft that has the greatest impact on the feel of a mechanical keyboard. Currently, the most basic shafts on the market include black shafts, green shafts, brown shafts, and red shafts. You can still clearly feel the difference after using different shafts.

Third, mechanical keyboards are mainly positioned in the high-end gaming market. In addition to the shafts, the keycap coating printing process is also more complicated, and the keyboard plastic material is better. Therefore, the overall cost of mechanical keyboards is very high.


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