What are some useful and cost-effective gaming peripherals you would recommend?

Top Picks for Budget-Friendly Gaming Peripherals: Enhance Your Setup Without Breaking the Bank

Game peripherals are specially designed for games. They can not only enhance the atmosphere of the game, but also increase the sensitivity and accuracy of operations, giving you a more vivid experience in the game.

1. Keyboard

Keyboard is the most commonly used and important output device, and it is also one of the indispensable e-sports peripheral products. Because it is used in e-sports, this type of keyboard usually has strong feedback on requirements, sensitive output, and cool RGB lighting is also essential. Usually only mechanical keyboards can meet various needs. The key travel of mechanical keyboards is relatively long, the feedback is stronger, and it is more experiential.

AULA F98 pro

What are some useful and cost-effective gaming peripherals you would recommend?(图1)

Appearance: fog-through shell + PC transparent keycaps

Color: white, black, pink

Shaft: Ice Crystal Shaft/Ice Soul Shaft

Lighting: RGB lighting effect + music rhythm

Link method: three modes (wired, 2.4G, Bluetooth)

Battery: 4000mAh

2. Mouse

In daily use, the mouse mostly just plays a clicking role, but once you buy an e-sports mouse, you will find that a small mouse also has many performance parameters. This type of mouse is usually designed to meet the needs of games. It is designed with the characteristics of high performance, high sensitivity and high precision, thus greatly improving the efficiency of players in the game.

AULA Gaming Mouse SC580

What are some useful and cost-effective gaming peripherals you would recommend?(图2)

The Wolf Spider gaming mouse SC580 not only supports wired, wireless, and Bluetooth three-mode connections, but also has a resolution of up to 10,000DPI, making it easy to handle both in the office and in games. In addition, it is durable and uses a precision optical sensor and a new driver chip to make the mouse more responsive and more accurate. At the same time, this mouse also has an automatic sleep and power saving function, which can maintain stable usage time even with low power consumption. Whether it requires frequent operations or long-term use, it can meet your needs.

3. Headphones

Headphones are also the most common equipment in e-sports. If you want to play well in games, sound is definitely an important part. Headphones can accurately receive when "enemies" appear nearby. Compared with external sound , this type of sound is more accurate and can lock the target and strike first.

Wolf Spider S609 three-mode gaming headset

What are some useful and cost-effective gaming peripherals you would recommend?(图3)

Sound effect: 4D surround sound effect, multi-dimensional audio and video to receive surrounding information, identify the direction of footsteps earlier, and gain insight into the battlefield moment. The 50mm large-size composite diaphragm unit is lighter in weight and faster in response. It has a wider sound field, richer details, and deeper low-frequency dive, bringing a penetrating and shocking listening experience.

Wearing: Adjustable head beam, head beam, pull rod, and earmuff shell support adjusting the size and angle to suit the head shape.

Performance: three-mode connection, low power consumption, long battery life, dual-mic configuration.


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