Wolf Spider S8 lightweight three-mode headphones!

Wolf Spider S8 lightweight three-mode headphones!(图1)

The Wolf Spider S8 three-mode gaming headset is coming! Bluetooth, 2.4G, wired, three-mode connection, enjoy music! 600mAh lithium battery, all-day battery life! The clouds are soft and the sky is full of sounds. Together we are wandering in the ocean of music and soaring in the world of music!

Wolf Spider S8 lightweight three-mode headphones!(图2)

Double wheat tone, melodious sound! The Wolf Spider S8 gaming headset is an artifact that allows you to bid farewell to the sense of restraint when gaming. Whether it is Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless or wired connection, it can be easily adapted to various scenes such as games, music, and movies. Seamless switching will bring you a different gaming listening experience!

Wolf Spider S8 lightweight three-mode headphones!(图3)

Lightweight design, comfortable to wear. The whole machine weighs about 195±5g. It is made of breathable fabric mesh. It has a comfortable wrapping feeling without any tension. It will not cause any burden if you wear it for a long time. Built-in 600 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, ultra-strong battery life performance, long-lasting play without interruption, bid farewell to battery anxiety, and play games more happily. The 40mm large-size dynamic diaphragm unit creates a shocking sound unit, which can fully perceive the fullness of human voice and shocking bass, allowing for a better experience in intense games.

Wolf Spider S8 lightweight three-mode headphones!(图4)


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