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AULA is a world-class, versatile gaming brand that produces gaming hardware and accessories. The brand is inspired by the characteristics of Tarantula spiders and aims to provide products that are fast, durable, cool, and aggressive.

AULA's Tarantula products focus on design, functionality, and technology. We use modern design techniques and employ well-trained designers and engineers to create high-quality gaming hardware and accessories and our products are designed to meet the demands of the global gaming community and offer advanced technology to enhance the user experience.

AULA’s diamond logo symbolizes the brand's commitment to providing high-quality gaming hardware with both offensive and defensive capabilities. The trident represents an attack, while the shield symbolizes defence, reflecting the brand's focus on versatility and balance in its products. The combination of the trident and shield in the AULA logo symbolizes both attack and defence, creating a sense of balance and versatility in the brand's offerings and also creating a visual representation of 

AULA's dedication to delivering top-notch gaming hardware and accessories. The design creates a sense of constant excitement and power, reflecting it's commitment to providing top-quality gaming hardware that gives users an edge in battle. The logo is meant to inspire confidence and drive, putting users in a state of readiness for any gaming challenge they may face.

AULA offers a range of gaming hardware and accessories designed to meet the needs of professional gamers and technology enthusiasts. AULA products offer a balance of advanced technology, modern design, and user comfort, with a focus on clear audio, precise movement, and aesthetics. The brand offers a variety of products including high-performance gaming headsets, gaming mice with high precision, comfortable mouse pads with RGB lighting, ergonomic mechanical keyboards, and many more, to provide a complete gaming experience setup for our consumers.


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Contact: AULA

Tel: +86-18682095630

E-mail: kalvin@szsoai.com


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